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Save 50% on Freedom Planet on Steam

Save 50% on Freedom Planet on Steam

Freedom Planet End of Summer Sale!

Freedom Planet End of Summer Sale!

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Want to have a chance at winning some cool prizes? We’ll be running an official fan art contest for the rest of the month! Check out our post on the forums for rules and guidelines:

Our grand prize is a shoutout video from a VA of your choice, nine pin buttons featuring the game’s cast, two posters featuring Gashi-Gashi’s box art and a DRM-free copy of the game and soundtrack!

We’re excited to see how it turns out and we hope you guys will consider joining in!

After a successful Kickstarter and three years of hard work and love, our high-speed platform game Freedom Planet is now available on Steam! We’ve mixed together dozens of the best gameplay elements of 90s-style Japanese platformers such as Sonic’s speed, Mega Man’s combat prowess and Gunstar Heroes’ insane boss fights. We’d love it if you could help us battle the nefarious Lord Brevon and his army of shade troopers!

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HEYSUEZO (Jason) is here to show you just how awesome you’d look with a shirt on. Not just any shirt of course – full color Freedom Planet T-shirts, courtesy of Teespring!

Click here to check out our Teespring page!

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