Month: January 2014

Splittin’ the Blog

Hello followers! I’d like y’all to know that I’m going to start using this blog for official GalaxyTrail announcements only. I’ve made a new blog for more personal shenanigans, which you can find below:

I’m gonna start posting on that other blog more frequently, so, feel free to swing over and follow me there if you want. Toodles!

Thoughts on cutscenes in Freedom Planet

I’ve been working on the main meat of the game first and foremost – the stages – and I’m planning on doing cutscene work only after the stages are complete. Thing is, I find myself worrying that by the time I get around to the story, dialog and hub worlds, they’ll ending up being little more than tedious filler for most players.

I know that a lot of it has to do with an individual player’s interests. Some people simply do not like story or cutscenes in the least bit. (That’s why I’m providing an option to play the game without any cutscenes or hub areas.) Despite this, I’m eager to make sure that the cutscenes and hub areas are as enjoyable as possible to as many players as possible. If done properly, they’ll be a welcoming break between the intense boss battle of the last stage and the beginning of the next, where the player can catch their breath and move around at their own pace without risk of losing lives. Plus I want to do justice to the phenomenal performance of our voice actors.

So, yeah, that’s just where my thoughts are as the new year rolls around here on the east coast. Happy new year, by the way!

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