Month: November 2013

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We’d like to thank everyone who stood by the Philippines and donated to the Red Cross to help in the typhoon relief efforts. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

(Big thanks to Karina a.k.a. dilfosaur for the art commission!)

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At long last, PAX East will accepting submissions for the Indie MEGABOOTH tomorrow at 9am. They’ll be keeping the submission form open all the way through December 15th, and they’ll announce who made it in on January 13th.

I’m going to be submitting Freedom Planet tomorrow if possible. They’ll be revealing prices and criteria during this time as well, so I really hope I can afford a good spot. And of course I’m going to be super nervous all the way until January 13 when I find out if we made it in or not.

Everyone keep their fingers crossed! This is our greatest chance to show the world all of the heart, soul and motorcycles we’ve poured into this game.

New trailer for Freedom Planet is up! Coming to PC and Steam in spring next year.

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