If you’ve been watching Tropes vs. Women In Video Games, you have to watch this upbeat counter-argument from another female gamer, if only to hear a fresh perspective. KiteTales pretty much sums up everything that I feel Anita is doing wrong that’s causing such a huge amount of backlash against the Tropes vs. Women series, despite that fact that I largely agree with its message.

“If you want to create a project that encourages critical analysis of these games, I feel you should do so in a way that leaves room for positive discussion rather than ending in ultimatums that don’t encourage people to think for themselves.”

In other words, be positive! Don’t just protest female characters that are objectified, sexist or poorly designed; Embrace characters that are are unique, endearing and just plain awesome. By doing this, not only will we be showing game developers the types of female characters we are wholeheartedly interested in (which is what will make them money), but we will also encourage more people to become engaged in the industry who otherwise would have been put off by the constant bickering over gender issues.