Month: July 2012

Random Boss Generator

Not sure what the next boss in your video game should be like? Try this simple game of dice and see if it helps you come up with a new idea!

Basically, all you need is one or two dice. For each question, roll the dice and use the feature that corresponds to the number that you rolled. Alternately, just pick whichever features and combinations sound fitting to you.

Boss time!

What does it resemble the most?

1 A human

2 A robot or golem

3 A geometric shape

4 A body part

5 An animal

6 A plant

(Trying rolling two dice at once to mix elements to together!)

How big is it?

1 Around the player’s size or smaller

2 Twice as big as the player

3 Three times as big as the player

4 Takes up the whole screen or bigger

5 Small, but multiple copies

6 Two screen-sized copies positioned at opposite sides of the arena

How does it move?

1 Never moves

2 Moves in a pattern

3 Teleports/jumps

4 Hides, then emerges to attack

5 Chases the player

6 Runs from the player

(Roll this again if you want multiple movement patterns!)

Attacks by…

1 Ramming into the player / collision damage

2 Shooting projectiles

3 Close-range attacks/weaponry

4 Summoning lesser enemies

5 Placing traps/ hazards

6 Forcing the player into a stage hazard

(Roll this again if you want multiple attack patterns!)

What is its weakness?

1 No main weakness, but most attacks damage it

2 Player’s main attack

3 One of the player’s secondary weapons/abilities

4 Something in the environment the player must use

5 Something in the environment the player must lure the boss into

6 Getting the boss to hurt itself with its own attacks

When attacked successfully, it…

1 Does nothing

2 Moves faster

3 Attempts to counterattack

4 Hides and emerges in a different spot

5 Becomes stunned for a few seconds

6 Spawns lesser enemies, projectiles or hazards

That’s about it. Hope that gave you a few ideas!


Hey guys! Just an update for all you gamers out there. An upcoming Sonic-inspired game, Freedom Planet, has just released a new gameplay video including Sash Lilac the Hedgehog (voiced by Me) and Carol Tea the Wildcat (voiced by Aporia). Come check us out!

If you like the video above and want to support our project, go to Freedom Planet’s Facebook page and Like us!

If we reach 1,000 Likes before July 24th, we’ll release Carol Tea the Wildcat as a playable character.  Please like, reblog, and help us signal boost this project!

Help Us Get 1000 Likes!

Help Us Get 1000 Likes!

Freedom Planet — We’ve hit 50+ Likes so far!

Freedom Planet — We’ve hit 50+ Likes so far!

The Audio of Freedom Planet

Some of you folks might have already spotted these on my Youtube page, but for those of you who haven’t, I’ve uploaded some sneak peeks of the audio work being done for Freedom Planet.

First up, voice acting! I mentioned in a previous update that 10 vocalists have joined the team. You can hear some of their audition clips here:

Second, music! I’ve been working with two talented individuals on the soundtrack: Blue Warrior from VGMusic and Woofle from FurAffinity. Blue and I compose the base melodies while Woofle remasters them with her instruments, and I’m definitely liking the results so far. I hope you do too!

Aside from that, I’ve been doing some extensive testing to make sure everything will be ready for August. I’d like to try and save up for a Flash exporter so that people can enjoy the demo on Newgrounds, but we’ll see – it depends on whether or not it has compatibility issues.


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